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Kamala Harris, Ruby Bridges viral photo mashup inspires girls

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For many women and girls, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ win represents hope and validation. It’s an inspiring step that took off in some of the smallest of shoes: 5-year-old Ruby Bridges.

You may have seen a picture floating around social media. It shows Harris walking with a young Bridges in her shadow. For many, it’s a symbolic image showing America’s past, but also proof of just how much things can change.

In 1960, Bridges put on a brave face and walked into William Frantz Public School in New Orleans, Louisiana. The image of a little girl flanked by security and screaming protestors is symbolic of the times.

But thanks to a viral photo mashup showing Ruby walking in the shadow of Harris, that symbolism takes on a new meaning and inspires young girls at the same time.

“I can do anything if I keep on trying and trying,” said 8-year-old Imani Moss.

Her mother, Aleanya Moore, is the founder of Ladies Under Construction, a mentoring organization for girls. So she’s been getting firsthand lessons of what it means to dream big.

“I think when you talk about confidence and things you want to be, their imagination is huge. So just seeing that and knowing it’s a possibility it just helps with the foundation,” Moore said.

As the world recognizes this pivotal moment in American history, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is recognizing another moment with its “Power of Children” exhibit featuring Ruby’s story.

“See that picture of a young Ruby who was so brave and now projected to today to our first female, African American vice president, we really wanted to share that it’s been a long journey,” said Jennifer Robinson of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

The museum worked with Bridges to get the exhibit just right.

“This is not a long time ago and this is still a fight that we have to work on,” said Robinson.

And while little girls no longer have to walk in Ruby’s shoes, they can instead walk in Kamala’s.