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Kayla Sullivan interviews viral ‘terrible sandwich’ kid, his mom

Kid-ing with Kayla — Children are so honest and we love that. However, sometimes it can be brutal! On his first day of Kindergarten, Abraham “Abe” Ndege just couldn’t wait to tell his mom how “terrible” his sandwich was.

Abe is now in the fourth grade but his mom Ricki Weisberg said she posted the video for the first time this week after being encouraged to do so by friends and family. It went viral on multiple social media platforms with more than 10 million views on TikTok.

Kayla Sullivan interviewed Abe and Ricki on Kid-ing with Kayla’s ReelTok segment Friday.

“What made the sandwich so terrible?” asked Sullivan.

“She made a butter and jelly sandwich, and the butter was rotten!,” replied Abe.

He said his mom has gotten better at making sandwiches over the years, and his favorite is one with meat, mayo and cheese!

Kayla asked them why they think the video is getting so much attention.

“It was a terrible sandwich, that’s it!” said Abe.

Ricki Weisberg said “I think it’s very relatable. I think kids are very honest.”

She added that she hopes other parents see this video and feel less pressure to be perfect.

“I hope it gives people a moment for self grace,” said Weisberg.

She also pointed at Abe saying it went viral because he’s such a funny and charismatic kid!

Abe said you can expect more content from him on his YouTube Channel.

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