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Kid-ing with Kayla: Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo

Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo

There’s nothing like Christmas time as a parent of a young child. I thought the holiday would never be as magical once I became an adult but motherhood has made it better.

In my opinion, Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo was the perfect way to launch this season. Organizers really thought of everything between fake snow, real reindeer, and the most beautiful lights in the city.

Watching my son Allan tell one of the winter-themed Zoo characters his name was “Spider-Man” was hilarious. Minutes later, he was spotted hugging a gingerbread man statue and made his way to the Christmas tree light show to do a little dance. Next– he was swinging like a monkey on a Christmas themed monkey bar meant for kids to hang and snap a picture.

When Allan saw Santa’s reindeer he said, “I think Santa is here! Let’s go find him.” We did. We practiced what he would ask Santa for while waiting in line. I was cracking up because he kept forgetting what to say and getting frustrated that he wouldn’t get it right when the time came to ask the big man in the red suit. Fortunately, he remembered and very articulately asked for an air fort, a remote control rocket, and Nerf guns. Santa replied by asking if he would be conscious to pick up the nerf darts off the floor after every use. I screamed out, “Santa, I love you!” he really had my back there.

He must have buttered me up because I sure did spend a lot at the Santa photo booth! I got the $85 package complete with a snow globe, ornaments, magnets, extra large prints and of course all of the digital photos.

Another hit Christmas at the Zoo exhibit was the mirror maze. He loved accidentally running into his reflection over and over.

We got to ride on the carousel, we had hot chocolate and we watched the orangutans sleep. It was so sweet to see the baby sleeping with his mommy. Allan still crawls into my bed at night and seeing this was just another reminder that he won’t be young forever. I’m loving this time as a mom and trying to savor every minute by attending events like this one and starting family traditions.