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Kid-ing with Kayla: Coming home from vacation

Kid-ing with Kayla: Why do I feel like I need a vacation as soon as I return from a family vacation? Traveling is fun but it can also be so exhausting! It’s tough going from a super fun and fast paced schedule to our regular week day school and work routine.

Once we got off the cruise ship on Tuesday morning, we were all in a bad mood. Highly recommend staying longer than 3 days on the Icon of the Seas. We felt like we only scratched the surface of what this ship had to offer.

We didn’t want to go home and we were tired. We had a long day ahead of us and coffee wasn’t even helping a little. The kids were moving like turtles, we had to wait on Ubers to the airport, check our bags, wait hours to board the plane, and somehow keep the kids sane during that time.

At one point, we did find a Lego store but that didn’t entertain the kids for long. It just drained my wallet. After eating, we decided to scroll through vacation pictures. I joked about how many feet pictures my sister took of my nephew. He’s only 2 and apparently she thinks baby toes in the sand are so cute!

On the plane, Allan didn’t fall asleep until 2 minutes before we landed which made for a very groggy and slow walker to get our bags.

Luckily, my mom showed up with drinks and snacks for the kids when she was there to drive my sister’s family home.

In my report I said, “coming up, my son will refuse to go to bed tonight and school tomorrow.” Unfortunately, I was correct. He went to bed late and fighting. The next day the teacher had to pry him out of my hands at school.

Hoping this weekend is just what we need to regroup and get back on schedule Monday.

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