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Kid-ing with Kayla: My son’s ‘toothful’ conversation with the dentist

Kid-ing with Kayla: Taking kids to the dentist

Kid-ing with Kayla: No one prepares you for the stress of keeping your child’s teeth clean and cavity free. You can blame the kid all you want but at the end of the day, the responsibility is on the parent. That’s why I’m always so scared when I take my son to the dentist.

I’m not scared because I don’t do a good job taking care of my son’s teeth. I’m scared because my son does everything in his power to make it difficult. He’s always asking for sugar-filled snacks and candies. He eats gummy vitamins, goldfish crackers and loves juice. These are the cavity trifecta!

I struggle to brush my son’s teeth twice per day because he’s always fighting it. We try to floss regularly and I push mouthwash on him even though he hates it. I’ve attempted making it fun with themed tooth brushes, toothpaste and even rewards for not giving me a hard time while we brush.

So, when it comes time to take Allan to the dentist it’s also time for me to learn whether my hard work has paid off. This time, it did! Allan was cavity free. However, I wasn’t completely saved from embarrassment on this visit. When the dentist asked Allan what his favorite gift was from Santa he said, “The tons of fruit snacks in my stocking,” the dentist asked if he brushed his teeth right after. “Not really,” he replied. Thanks a lot, kid!

Our thoughts and prayers are for the Easter Bunny to bring a much healthier alternative.

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