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Kid-ing with Kayla: Reviewing A Merry Prairie Holiday at Conner Prairie

Kid-ing with Kayla- What a magical time! Conner Prairie really goes the extra mile for families during this winter season.

I invited WISH-TV’s Hanna Mordoh and her family to join me, my boyfriend and son at A Merry Prairie Holiday and had an absolute blast.

There are so many acres to explore surrounded by thousands of lights that help capture that perfect holiday moment with the family. There is something for everyone to enjoy this year. My son Allan’s favorite was the slide. There’s a smaller one for younger kids and a bigger one for those who enjoy more of a thrill.

We also loved the sock skating rink for kids. Instead of dangerous ice, Conner Prairie provides a smooth snow-like surface for kids to slide on in socks. Allan liked spinning and pretending to be a figure skater.

My personal favorite was the Santa experience. It was unlike any other I’ve seen. You start outside a barn-like building and there’s man dressed as an elf that stamps coins that determine whether you were naughty or nice. My son and his friend Grace were thrilled to be deemed nice and I got a good chuckle at the fact he put me on the naughty list.

As you enter the building, there’s a section to write a letter to Santa, you place it in a Santa mailbox and then sit on a bench to snap your own photo with Santa socially distanced in the background. I loved this for several reasons. One, they let you take your own photo so you’re not spending extra on professional pictures. Two, the line moved so much faster this way. And three, the photo was less creepy. I don’t love the whole lap sitting thing with Santa so it was nice that they were separate.

Some other notable moments included the fun carousel, light show on the bridge, warm alcoholic beverages, superior photo opportunities and live music.

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