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Kid-ing with Kayla: Should kids get screen time during meals?

Kid-ing with Kayla: For years, I believed screens should be off during family meals. I also said I would never give my son an iPad. Those beliefs quickly changed once I was in the thick of mothering a child under five.

Now, I feel differently about screens. I feel like people should be able to do what is best for the child, the family and the public. In my home, we eat meals without screens. While out to eat in public, I’ll allow an iPad and here is why:

  • Waiting for food to arrive is boring for young children
  • If I’m paying to go out to eat, I want to enjoy it
  • I want to decrease the chance my kid will misbehave and others will be impacted
  • My son actually eats more while he is watching a screen and distracted
  • Fewer trips to the restroom out of boredom
  • Increases the likeliness my son will stay seated

Every family is different. We want to hear from you on this debate! Do you allow screen time during meals? Why or why not? Chime in on Facebook!