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Kids grow out of clothes as fast as you buy them — Special ways to use old kids’ clothes, how to save money on kids’ clothes

KID-ing with Kayla — If you’re a parent, you know the struggle! Kids are constantly growing and it seems like as soon as you buy them a new wardrobe, they need another one in a bigger size! Here’s WISH-TV Specialty Content Creator Kayla Sullivan’s report on the topic.

So, what can you do with the clothes they grow out of?

  • Donate them
  • Pass them down to other kids in the family or friend group
  • Use them to make a quilt or pillow case
  • Give them to your kids to dress up their dolls or stuffed animals
  • Use them to stitch a new dog bed
  • Use them as towels to clean the house
  • Sell them on Facebook marketplace, a garage sale, or any used clothing app/store

How can you buy new kid clothes cheap?

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Local used clothing sales like Whale Sale or your local garage sales
  • Used kid clothing stores like Once Upon A Child or Goodwill
  • Waiting for end of season sales and thinking ahead (this involves some estimations on what size your child will be in that future season)
  • Ask family members, friends, or community groups online for hand me downs
  • Target’s Cat & Jack brand is guaranteed for one year (with receipt)

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