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King’s Inn owner: ‘I feel like a huge weight has been lifted’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  Residents living in a East Indy motel were forced to leave their home this week, just days before the property owner arrived to face all legal troubles surrounding the condemned structure.

The city prosecutor wanted the property boarded up, fixed up, and all cars off the property by this morning.

Crews were working up until the last minute painting, picking up trash and placing wood boards over all the openings.

Many were wondering if the property would be sold as-is, rehabbed or demolished.

None of the above, according to the owner.The property will now go back to the creditor that will take over the building. 

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my back. I know I haven’t done anything wrong,” said Valerie King, the motel’s owner.

King is relieved that part of the legal troubles are over but before going to court this morning she had to make sure no cars were in the parking lot and boards covered every opening to comply with the city’s request.

“(The judge) found me not guilty of contempt and the city also wanted to charge me $25,000 damages,” said King.

Valerie said she tried her best to comply with city prosecutors who openly say they wanted the motel shut down under it’s current management.

The fight may not be over just yet, according to city prosecutor Samantha DeWester.

DeWester said there is still an underlying settlement that needs to be revisited but couldn’t get into the details.

Police say they’ve going to be swinging by this property to make sure no one trespasses.