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La Verna Lodge drug treatment center reopens after upgrades

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A drug treatment facility has reopened its doors after it spent months to make upgrades.

La Verna Lodge in Shelbyville is a women exclusive treatment center that can treat 10 women at a time.

The changes include upgrades to the building like fresh paint and flooring, along with furniture upgrades. The hope is that it will make the women feel more at home.

The facility has added a psychiatrist and clinical staff to specialize with certain issues

“Here at La Verna we’re able to do gender focused treatment, trauma focused treatment which most women face in recovery as well so we’re able to address those specific needs of the women appropriately,” said Counselor at La Verna Lodge Robyn Antico.

Often the women in treatment are mothers which makes the treatment process even more difficult at times.

“We have different emotional and psychological responses to things so we need specific treatment to address those needs,” Antico added.

The trauma focused treatment deals with emotional, sexual, and other types of abuse.

“It’s a safe environment. It’s a very scenic and scearine environment, it’s very relaxing,” she said.

Hayley Grieshop was a patient back in 2015 at the age of 22.

“This place really helped me see my issues and everything. I got addicted to pain pills and alcohol at a very young age. At 16,” said Grieshop.

Through counseling, group therapy, and a major invention, she got her life back on track.

“Being here with all the women, I learned to cook dinner again and sit down and have a healthy talk with people. I learned how to do my own laundry. I learned patience because at one time there were 10 females in the house,” she added.

The facility in Shelbyville currently has five more spots open for any woman needing treatment.

There is also a La Verna Lodge for men. Click here to learn more.

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