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Launch Fishers moves into new facility with room to grow

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — The start-up incubator Launch Fishers moved into its new state of the art facility this week.

It moved from the basement of a library to a 52,000 square foot building.

The founder’s goal is to create an environment to set up start-up owners for success.

Darye Henry founded Reborn Code back in 2008.

“We’re a software development company, we do custom development,” he said.

He started with a mobile office many entrepreneurs would recognize.

“Started in Indianapolis, mostly around Starbucks actually,” he said.

But a few years ago he moved his business north because of what Launch Fishers could offer.

This week a major part of that vision came to fruition with the new facility.

“Initially we were like, ‘what’s going to happen, how’s this going to work?’ But they’ve brought it together really nice,” Henry said.

Reborn Code has a suite in the new 52,000 square foot building, with enough room for its growing business with a few employees.

They also take advantage of the many common areas, which are part of Launch Fishers Founder and CEO John Wechsler’s vision.

“We have a lot of couches and chairs designed for ad hoc meetings and for hosting clients,” Wechsler said.

He wants Launch Fishers to be a place for owners to think of as their own office.

They have owners that use the common areas and share desk space.

“Then we have our dedicated desk members,” he said. “They have a desk, a chair, and a locking cabinet that’s theirs all the time.”

Some member companies use suites, like Reborn Code.

“I can see that the vision has grown to be more inclusive of different sized companies as well,” Henry said.

Wechsler hopes this new building provides room to grow for companies like Reborn Code as well as the whole start-up community on Indy’s north side.

“We’ve just scaled dramatically the number of meeting rooms, number of meeting spaces, number of events that we’re going to have,” Wechsler said, “So we see this as just a bigger magnet to draw people to Fishers.”