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Lime says study shows they boost economies, Indy businesses respond

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Lime claims their new study shows the scooters are boosting economies, but some local businesses say they are not feeling the impact. 

The company’s End of Year report says 32 percent of riders across the world went to or from dining or entertainment for their last trip. The company says that means the scooters draw customers to businesses. 

Greg Basey, owner of Basey’s Downtown Grill and Spirits near Lucas Oil Stadium, says he’s not buying it. 

“I don’t see any additional revenue to my bottom line. I hear more complaints about them from visitors to Basey’s than I do anything positive about them,” Basey said. 

Managers at Flat 12 Brewery and Mimi Blue Meatballs also told News 8 they have not seen an increase or decrease in customers from the scooters. 

The brewery and restaurant are both on the outskirts of downtown. 

Stuart Robinson, owner of MacNiven’s bar and restaurant on Mass Ave., said he rides the scooters himself. 

“Whether we’ve see an increase (in revenue from scooter riders) or not, I couldn’t say,” Robinson said. “I know I’ve moved a few that have been parked irresponsibly if you like.”

The Lime report also stats 30 percent of customers said their last Lime trip replaced a drive. The company says that could translate to less traffic, but Robinson said the scooters aren’t affecting Mass. Ave. parking. 

“The spots are still full on the weekends,” Robinson said. “It’ll be nice to see the development of the downtown area with more parking becoming available in the next couple years.”

Becca Prather is an Indy native and frequent scooter rider who said she doesn’t suspect the scooters draw her to restaurants. 

“I don’t think so, because I would still be going where I would be going, just a different mode of transportation,” Prather said. 

Lime said they gathered the stats from millions of rides and thousands of survey responses worldwide.