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Local authorities on alert after Chattanooga shootings

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Local law enforcement is taking action to make sure our military recruitment centers are safe after an attack Thursday that left four Marines and the gunman dead.

At the Naval Career Center in Greenwood, the door was locked and lights were out during regular business hours. No word yet if there is a connection to the attacks. At the Armed Forces Career Center on the south side, they couldn’t go on camera but said security levels have been heightened. They were instructed to close their blinds and walk in pairs. A police officer was there to check on their well being.

Gary Coons from the Department of Homeland Security says they are monitoring the situation closely. He says they are working with local, state and federal authorities. Coons is waiting on the National Operations Center to find out if further action is necessary. In the meantime, he encourages everyone to do their part and be on the lookout. Coons ask that if you see something suspicious, then report it.

“If you know somebody that’s doing something or acting strange or purchasing things that you just think, ‘Wow,’ something could be going on, or making some comments about shooting people or killing people, give us a heads up. At least give us the chance to mitigate it before it even occurs,” said Coons.

Coons says investigators are making sure there aren’t copy cat attacks, however, he says he feels confident that this was an isolated incident.