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Local company providing in-home support for seniors, from seniors

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — Caregiver Kimberly Marshall has been traveling to see Ray, a senior citizen who lives alone, for two years.

Marshall works for Seniors Helping Seniors, a company with a business model that brings older adults together in what can be a tough job market. Based in Shelbyville, Seniors Helping Seniors is hiring senior citizens to care for other senior citizens.

The company believes ages 65 and older are dependable, hardworking and a great asset to the working community. Marshall told News 8 she does in-home services for Ray four times a week and at least eight hours a day.

She does meal prepping, light housekeeping and, most importantly, provides companionship. Marshall says providing in-home services is better than working at a nursing home or any other facility.

“Because you have one on one,” she said. “Somebody that’s listening to you and not have other people that they’re thinking about, ‘I got to get to the next bed and see what that person wants.”

“People 65 and older, the older age group, they have a lot to give back,” General Manager and Care Coordinator Ralanda Smallfelt said. “They still want to be a part of their community. They have stories to tell. They have things that they can teach the younger generation: how to be proud of your work, how to be dependable and reliable.”

Seniors Helping Seniors says according to federal labor statistics, 15% of Americans 65 and older were unemployed last May, the highest level since the government started to keep track in 1948 and higher than any other age group at the time.

However, Smallfelt mentioned the percentage can bounce back once senior citizens feel a lot safer working again.