Local group looks to hire 270 teens this summer

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Mary Boyer sits in her office and clutches a one paragraph letter from a high school senior.

In the letter the student expresses a sense of urgency as he pleads his desire to work for TeenWorks.

“Is there anyway, anyway, possible that I can work with TeenWorks this summer?” said the boy in the letter.

As the letter continues, the boy states his concerns that if he doesn’t get a job this summer that his days will be filled with idle time.

“(I’m) wondering how I will stay out of trouble,” the boy wrote in the letter.

Boyer is left with making difficult decisions like this each year. She’s the executive director of TeenWorks, and organization that provides jobs for teenagers for six weeks starting in June.

The job includes a wage, breakfast, lunch, and transportation. There are currently 270 jobs with TeenWorks up for grabs. Last year, 500 teens applied for about 200 positions.

TeenWorks has some strict guidelines. Those that apply must be 16-18 years-old, they must receive free or reduced lunch, and must have at least a 2.5 GPA.

Those selected must follow strict guidelines – anyone who misses more than one day of work are dismissed from the program.

“There have been kids that say please, please,” said Boyer, who doesn’t give any wiggle room for those with an unexcused absence. “I would much rather they lose this job than the one they get out of college.”

In addition to the job, the students are given direct support to help teens learn about accelerated college degree programs. The teens are also exposed to mentoring, and volunteer opportunities.

Boyer encouraged teens interested in working for TeenWorks to apply as soon as possible because positions fill up quick.

“The first people you tend to see, you tend to say yes, I like this one,” said Boyer.

If you would like to apply for a job for TeenWorks, log onto their website here and print off an application. TeenWorks is located at 2820 North Meridian Street, Suite 103, Indianapolis, IN 46208. You can also call TeenWorks at 317-916-7637.