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11 from Westfield help deliver baby on US 31

Westfield paramedics and EMTs sprang into action on Feb. 15, 2023, to help deliver Baby Anna Simoneaux in the back of an ambulance alongside U.S. 31. (Provided Photo/City of Westfield)

WESTFIELD, Ind. (HAMILTON COUNTY REPORTER) — Eleven paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians with the Westfield Fire Department were honored on March 14 after helping a family deliver their newborn baby.

On Feb. 15, paramedics and EMS personnel with WFD were called to childbirth in a car on U.S. 31 at 10:55 p.m. Upon arrival, it was determined that the baby’s birth was imminent.

“We were driving from our home in Kokomo to an Indianapolis birth center when my wife Rebecca went into labor,” Jared Simoneaux said. The couple quickly called the birth center, which told them to pull their vehicle over and immediately call 9-1-1. “Everyone remained calm, and we got the help we needed. The Westfield Fire Department did a great job,” Jared said.

Baby Anna was delivered in the back of the ambulance while parked on the shoulder of U.S. 31. Rebecca and her infant daughter were transported to the hospital and later released.

Indiana Department of Homeland Security EMS Director Kraig Kinney presented the department’s Stork Award to EMS-certified professionals who assist with a non-hospital delivery of a newborn as part of their EMS duties.

“EMS professionals are called upon many times daily to respond to challenging calls that are often life-altering, including bringing new lives into the world,” Kinney said. “Another Indiana family has a happy story to tell for many years to come about how baby Anna was born with the help of the Westfield Fire Department.”

While not everyone was in the back of the ambulance delivering the baby or taking care of Rebecca and Anna, it took a team to ensure the safety of everyone involved as the ambulance was stopped along U.S. 31 with two patients needing care. Honored at the ceremony are the following members of the Westfield Fire Department:

  • Eliezer Rivera, FF/Paramedic
  • Lt. Steve Lamp, FF/EMT
  • Joshua Brown, FF/Paramedic
  • Justin Austad FF/EMT
  • Abraham Westerman, FF/EMT
  • Tyler Hittle, FF/Paramedic
  • Joseph Walker, FF/Paramedic
  • Lt. Chad Everitt, FF/EMT
  • Battalion Chief Tom Cline, FF/EMT
  • Craig Burke, FF/EMT
  • Capt. Pamela Taylor FRP (Field Resource Paramedic)

WFD EMS Division Chief Patrick Hutchison said, “I know that I speak for all of our EMS professionals in saying that we are honored to receive this recognition. But the best reward is knowing that patients we help of all ages can go home to their loved ones.”

Click here to watch the video of the recognition ceremony on YouTube.