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2 charged in New Castle armed robbery case

(Provided Photos/Henry County Jail)

NEW CASTLE, Ind. (WISH) – Two people have been charged in a March 4 robbery in New Castle.

Darryl Love and Derrick Winfrey are accused of stealing between $3,000 and $5,000 from a house in the 200 block of S. 25th St.

Love, 19, is charged with one count of armed robbery and one count of intimidation while Winfrey, 17, is charged with one count of armed robbery. All counts are felonies.

According to court documents obtained by News 8, Love and some other friends were invited to the house to use the hot tub. Love brought Winfrey with him.

When the two women at the house were in the hot tub, Love told another man at the house he and Winfrey were “going to rob” it. The man pleaded with Love not to go through with it, at which point Love and Winfrey both produced pistols, according to court documents.

Court documents state Love told the man “we will shoot every one of you in the head” if he didn’t cooperate.

Love exited the house with a white bucket containing between $3,000 and $5,000 worth of cash and change. He eventually left the money in a bag that was recovered by police with most of the money in it.

An initial hearing for Love’s case is scheduled for March 25. Winfrey is currently scheduled for a July 12 trial date.