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American Red Cross in urgent need of volunteers from Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The American Red Cross is in urgent need of more volunteers and is asking people from Indiana to step up.

As tropical storm Sally approaches the United States, recovery is still underway from hurricane Laura and the devastating wildfires on the West Coast have left the organization needing help. The organization said the coronavirus pandemic has only made these disaster recoveries more difficult.

The Indiana Region of the American Red Cross said they need more Hoosiers who can be quickly trained and deployed to these disaster areas, to become volunteers.

Red Cross volunteers are on the ground in these disaster areas helping to provide food, shelter and support to people in need. They also partner with local officials to help first responders, using the Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles. 

The organization said that if people sign up to volunteer, they will receive free, fast-tracked training, so they can quickly be deployed. There are even virtual training options so people can easily access the information at home.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license to apply to the organization. People in Indiana can apply here on the Red Cross website or call the Indiana Region of the Red Cross at (888) 684-1441.

There are already volunteers from Indiana in Oregon helping out the efforts to feed and house thousands of people displaced by wildfires. Plus, there are still Red Cross volunteers helping displaced people from hurricane Laura and now that tropical storm Sally is approaching Louisiana, they need even more people from states like Indiana to get involved.