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As COVID-19 patients surge, Indy doctors prepare for frontlines by brushing up on ICU skills

Healthcare professionals brushing up on critical care skills

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Health officials in Indianapolis expect a surge in COVID-19 patients starting in mid-April.

Some doctors that are not normally on the frontlines of critical care are spending their days preparing for it.

Dr. Dipen Maun with Indiana Colorectal Specialists is one of them. As a colon and rectal surgeon, Dr. Maun says most of his surgeries are not time-sensitive and he’s already moved up the ones that are time-sensitive.

But his patients aren’t the ones keeping him up at night.

“Critical care specialists, nurses, pulmonologists, those on the front lines of this disease. I’m worried about them getting sick and not having enough people to take care of patients,” said Dr. Maun.

The southside-based doctor is now taking the time to brush up on his own ICU skills.

“As a surgeon, I went through all that training in residency, but that was 10 years ago,” he added.

Dr. Maun says he’s preparing to be on the frontlines by watching online videos from the Society of Critical Care Medicine on subjects like how to put a ventilator in to someone who can’t breathe on their own.

“We know that COVID-19 affects primarily the lungs and severe pneumonia can have certain strategies on how you want to administer a ventilator steady, so they have the best chance of surviving this and limit the amount of work and breathing they have to do,” Dr. Maun said.

As Dr. Maun continues to prepare for the expected surge, he’s asking people in central Indiana to also do their part.

“I really want to reinforce staying home and limiting travel to essential travel only to help reduce this peak,” the doctor added.