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Boomerang BTQ celebrates 10 years on the city’s hottest block

(Azia Ellis-SIngleton; Provided Photo/Boomerang)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Boomerang BTQ, the beloved gift and apparel shop on Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis, is marking its 10th year in business this November.

Over the past decade, Boomerang has grown from a quaint local store to a multi-faceted enterprise that includes an online store, a former mobile boutique, and its line of t-shirts, known as Felicia Tees.

The story of Boomerang began in 2013 when its owner, Felicia Kiesel, seized the opportunity to open her store in a part of Mass Ave that was relatively quiet.

“I had shadowed the previous owner of White Dog that was in my space before me, and she called me one day and said she was leaving and wanted to know if I wanted her to connect me to the landlord.” Kiesel said. “It all happened so fast, but owning my store was a dream of mine. I was in a corporate job that I didn’t love or see any growth with, so I was willing to take the risk.”

In 2014, the owner ventured into the world of fashion with the creation of Felicia Tees. Her search for unique, local t-shirt brands that matched her vision led her to establish her line.

Over the years, Felicia Tees has introduced over 15 designs, and some of them are even available in stores across the state. The brand expanded beyond t-shirts to include magnets and pillowcases featuring her designs.

In 2016, the owner took her entrepreneurship to the next level by launching “Baby Boom,” a mobile boutique in a vintage Holiday Rambler Trailer. This mini-store traveled to various events and even hosted home parties.

Although she eventually sold the trailer in 2019 to achieve a better work-life balance, the experience, in her words, “was a blast.”

The COVID-19 pandemic posed unique challenges for Boomerang, but the owner’s resilience and creativity shone through. She introduced “virtual shopping” in March 2020, allowing customers to explore her store remotely by reaching out via Instagram or Facebook. This innovative approach allowed her to continue serving customers effectively.

Boomerang represents over 70 local artists and makers, in addition to some national brands. Despite challenges and changes in the area, the store continues to thrive.

As Kiesel reflected on her journey, she expressed her gratitude for the supportive community. She acknowledges the importance of small businesses giving back to their communities.

“Giving back is a huge part of Boomerang, and when you support small shops and stores, us owners are able to share the love right back into our communities,” Kiesel said.

Kiesel is excited to celebrate a decade of Boomerang on Mass Ave with an Anniversary Party on Saturday, November 4th. The store will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., featuring live music by the local band Emo Not D(e)ads, snacks, drinks, free items with purchases, and a big giveaway.

“Thank you for continuing to support myself and local businesses! I look forward to what the future has for myself and Boomerang,” Kiesel said.

(WISH Photos/Dylan Hodges)