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Brownsburg welder takes part in new Netflix competition series out now

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Tom Patsis from Brownsburg has taken his talents from Cold Hard Art to a new Netflix competition series called Metal Shop Masters.

The show came out on Sept. 10. Patsis is one of seven contestants from across the country.

You can find Patsis torching, welding and cutting his way through the competition. The Brownsburg artist says social media helped him land a spot on the show.

Jo Koy, a well-known comedian, is the host of Metal Shop Masters. Well-known welders Stephanie Hoffman and David Madero serve as judges.

The competition features a variety of challenges each contestant must complete in order to advance to the next round.

Judges look for technical execution, a high level of fabrication and creativity. The winner takes home a welded trophy and $50,000.

“To do a show or competition show on what you do every day in a fun and challenging setting, I’d say, that’s pretty much like a dream,” the Brownsburg welder said. “Like any competition, it was stressful but enjoyable at the same time.

Spoiler alert, Patsis won first place and was crowned a Metal Shop Master in the competition. It was filmed one year ago in Los Angeles, California.

The local welder said he kept his entire experience a secret until now. Patsis shared with News 8 a screenshot of a Facetime call with his dad bawling after hearing about the first-place finish.