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Castleton ClusterTruck reopening after staffing challenges 

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – ClusterTruck reopened Tuesday at East 82nd Street in Castleton. According to the owner, the goal is to expand its services in Northern Indianapolis.

Chris Baggott, the CEO, told News 8 that the business struggled with staffing shortages and temporarily closed the kitchen in April to regroup and restructure its business model.

It offers free food delivery to customers and prepares fresh meals from over 80 menu items. ClusterTuck is a first-of-its-kind delivery-only restaurant that uses technology to coordinate with drivers to get food to a customer in a timely fashion of being prepared.

News 8 spoke with ClusterTruck’s CEO, Chris Baggott, and Tim McIntosh, ClusterTruck Chef. The company says it’s ready to serve the community despite initial pitfalls. 

ClusterTruck also has three other locations, including Downtown Indianapolis.