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Changes coming to Delphi trails system

DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) – There are a lot of changes expected to happen within the Delphi trails system. It comes one month after the murder of two teen girls who went missing while hiking the Monon High Bridge Trail on Feb. 13.

A task force is being formed by the Delphi Historic Trails. It will be made up of community members, law enforcement officials, trail organizers, and other members of the public. The goal is to form a task force who will talk about safety strategies and implement them within the more than 10 miles of trails in the Delphi area.

The group will meet at 9:30 a.m. on Monday to talk about upcoming changes. Some of those include educating the public on safety, using cameras, and coordinating locations for 911 identification.

They also hope to implement using appropriate signage, using safety stations, and adding police patrols to the trails.

David Mccain with the Trail Safety Task Force said they have seen community support in this process.

“I think it’s positive. There’s really a lot of people who have used the trails and there’s kind of a sense of take back our trails and they welcome the addition law enforcement and just a general kind of comprehensive look at how to help trail safety,” Mccain said.

The Wabash and Erie Canal Association have already started collecting donations for the safety improvements.

Security Federal Savings and Loan of Delphi along with First Federal Savings and Loan of Greensburg both are taking donations that will aid in funding the trail cameras.

There will be a 5K benefit run in Delphi on June 10 to also aid in the fundraising.

Mccain said the improvements will continue in the months, weeks, and years to come.

“I think this task force will be meeting over a long period of time. We’ll probably have a plan, a comprehensive plan and it’ll take you know, we’re looking at years probably in implementing it. We’ve got some things right now we want to look at,” he added.

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