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Comedian Mike Epps debuts Indianapolis-based TV series ‘Buying Back the Block’

Comedian Mike Epps debuts Indianapolis-based TV series ‘Buying Back the Block’

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Comedian and Indianapolis native Mike Epps is partnering with his wife, Kyra, to rebuild his childhood community. 

The two have created an HGTV special series called “Buying Back the Block,” which will center on several homes the couple bought on Mike’s childhood block in Indianapolis.

The couple’s goal is to revitalize the struggling neighborhood and bring back the charm, community, and character that Mike valued growing up.

Mike and Kyra Epps stopped by News 8 at Daybreak to talk about the mini-series.

“Me and my wife, we bought some homes back in 2003 and we wanted to revitalize the neighborhood,” Mike said. “Most of the houses that we got were childhood houses, my grandmother’s house, the house I grew up in and I couldn’t do it without my beautiful wife. She came in with the designs because of course, it’s a team effort.”

Kyra added, “The family has had this house specifically his childhood home for over 60 years. And then, during a very trying time in 2020 when everything was going down, we decided to come back to Indianapolis to stay and be around family. And we just started like, knick-knack at it, right? Little by little. And we said, ‘You know what? Everybody needs to see this.’ This is a story. This is a moment. It’s about family and culture and community and legacy and exactly what we’re sharing on ‘Buying back the Block.’”

To mark this momentous occasion, the Epps family has joined forces with GANGGANG to host an exclusive red-carpet premiere event.

The event takes place on Wednesday at The Living Room Theater, located at 745 E 9th St, Suite 810, in Indianapolis. The invite-only event starts with a red carpet at 6 p.m. and organizers say it promises to be an unforgettable evening attended by city officials, Indianapolis influencers, and special guests.

In addition to a screening of a 2-hour special, the premiere event will feature live music to set the mood a full bar to keep the celebration going, and a special Q&A segment with the cast to delve deeper into the inspiration behind “Buying Back the Block” moderated by GANGGANG.

Mike Epps is best known for his work on Netflix’s “Upshaws,” “The Hangover,” “I Am Virgo,” and more. Kyra is an Award-Winning TV Producer. Together the duo is rebuilding a portion of the Kennedy King neighborhood in Indianapolis and inviting the public along for the ride with a new 3-part TV mini-series.

The show will premiere on Wednesday at 9 a.m. EST on HGTV and HBO Max. 

To learn more about ‘Buying Back the Block,” go to HGTV’s website.