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Crosswalk trouble at 161st Street and Monon Trail in Westfield

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Motorists and pedestrians may have noticed yellow lights flashing on a signal at the Monon Trail and 161st Street intersection.

The Hawk System, a push-button crosswalk designed to stop drivers when a person crosses the street, is down.

For Tom Burnside and other people hitting the trail, safely crossing the road is a big concern.

Burnside said, “I would stop here afraid of crossing the road. This is by far one of the most dangerous intersections on the trail.”

Westfield city officials told News 8 a short in the system is under repair.

Although drivers don’t have to stop, Tom Scott, a regular visitor, says both pedestrians and drivers will have to pay close attention since they can’t rely on the light.

“It’s dangerous because people are coming off the roundabout are down in the hill. They don’t see people crossing, but obviously, cars are right away. People walking and cyclist should stop,” Scott said.

The Hawk System was installed in August, and Scott thinks it’s worth the investment when it’s fully functional. However, he would have preferred an alternative solution.

“Really what they need is either a bridge over or an underpass,” Scott said.