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Hamilton County to allow cameras in courtrooms

A view inside a courtroom in Indianapolis. (WISH Photo)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Hamilton County’s Circuit and Superior courts will allow cameras into their courtrooms, a release made Wednesday by Hamilton County officials said.

Superior Court 5 Judge David Najjar says allowing cameras into courtrooms is a way to ensure court proceedings are public and citizens can watch the work they do and how they do it.

“We are constitutionally required to have open courtrooms to ensure courts don’t abuse powers,” Najjar said.

According to the new rules, a request must be made for media coverage to the judge presiding over the courtroom at least five days before the proceeding. The judge will then decide if they will or will not allow cameras, can set any conditions for coverage, and also prohibit, limit, or terminate coverage at any time for any reason.

Until now, Indiana and Louisiana were the only two states in the nation to not allow cameras in the courtroom.

The Indiana Supreme Court has also given trial court judges the authority to decide whether or not to accept requests for cameras in their courtrooms.