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Here’s the scoop on 8 Indy ice cream shops

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indulge in the perfect summer pairing of sunshine and ice cream as we take you on a delightful tour of Indy’s finest ice cream shops. From charming roadside stands to picturesque parlors, these cool havens offer a range of delectable flavors, from classic cones to refreshing sherbets. Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and beat the heat with these icy delights.


Treat yourself to a scoop at BRICS, the charming ice cream shop nestled along the scenic Monon Trail since 2010. Housed in a refurbished train depot, this cozy cottage is a nostalgic gem, marking the first station built along the Monon line. Step up to the same window where train tickets were once sold and savor the richness of their extra-creamy Chocolate Choo Choo, a delectable blend of dark chocolate and chocolate fudge. Alternatively, try the irresistible Monon Tracks, BRICS’s playful twist on Moose Tracks, featuring peanut butter cups. For a taste of local flavor, don’t miss the Broad Ripple Blackberry. Enjoy a sweet stop filled with history and delightful ice cream creations.

2. Lick

Satisfy your taste buds with a unique ice cream experience at Lick, a gourmet ice cream stall located within The Garage Food Hall. Pushing the boundaries of flavor, Lick reinvents traditional ice cream with innovative combinations like Rosemary Olive Oil, Cedar and Whiskey, and Gorgonzola Candied Pecan. Prepare to join the line that often stretches during weekends, as indulging in delightful creations like the subtly floral Lavender Lemon Poppyseed or the delectable Munchies (vanilla ice cream with chocolate-chip cookie dough and pretzel pieces) is well worth the wait. A new location opened early November 2022 along the Monon Trail and 54th Street, taking over the former Wyliepalooza outpost.

3. Liftoff Creamery

Embark on a flavor-filled journey at this aviation-themed ice cream spot in Old Northside. From the fudgy triple chocolate 7700 to the vibrant strawberry cheesecake chunks in Canary, and the whimsical cotton candy-inspired Cirrus, the sky’s the limit to the delightful flavors offered here. Don’t miss the boba shakes, especially the blended vanilla ice cream with blueberry pearls. Whether you choose to relax outside in Adirondack chairs or sit at a table resembling a plane’s wing indoors, you’ll experience first-class treatment at this unique ice cream destination. Liftoff recently announced a new Irvington hub coming soon. To watch Liftoff Creamery Owner Ryan Lynch’s appearance on “BE&O,” click here.

4. Scoopz

Scoopz Ice Cream opened its doors at the AMP at 16 Tech, just in time for National Ice Cream Month last year on July 1. Owner Lori Kincy partnered with local wholesaler Sundae’s Homemade Ice Cream to bring a delightful selection of flavors to the shop. Whether you visit during lunch, after work, or for a late-night treat, Scoopz offers a variety of tempting options like LemOreo, Amplified, and Grandma’s Favorite Butter Pecan. Located across from the bar, it’s the perfect spot to pair a scoop of chocolate ice cream alongside a glass of red wine. To watch Kincy’s “Tasty Takeout” appearance, click here.

5. Square Scoop

Square Scoop, a charming ice cream shop in Fountain Square, attracts a steady stream of foot and bike traffic from the nearby Cultural Trail. The friendly staff happily offer samples and serve up delectable frozen treats with efficiency. Indulge in flavors like Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie or refreshing Peach Pie, and enjoy your ice cream at a window-facing table or take it for a stroll along the trail. Discover Square Scoop’s nostalgic candy selection for added delight.

6. The New Age of Ice Cream

Colorful and inviting, this Fountain Square ice cream shop showcases a stunning array of gelato and ice cream, including vegan options. The friendly staff, dressed in crisp white jackets, are eager to discuss their unique homemade flavors like Cookie Butter, Carrot Cake, and Whisky Cream. Treat yourself to the indulgent Tiramisu, a cocoa-dusted blend of mascarpone gelato, espresso ice cream, and espresso-soaked ladyfingers, or savor the aromatic Mint Oreo with its swirls of cookie chunks. Relax on the front deck, shaded by a turquoise umbrella, and plan your next visit for iced coffee, horchata, crepes, or another delightful scoop (or two).

7. TeeJay’s Sweet Tooth

It may seem unconventional for two licensed dental hygienists to venture into the ice cream business, but that’s exactly what Jerome Tiah and Taylor DeBruce did in 2018. Their ice cream store has since become renowned for its inventive and indulgent creations. Picture two scoops of creamy goodness sandwiched between warm glazed doughnuts or Fruity Pebble treats reminiscent of colorful Rice Krispie squares. They also offer milkshakes adorned with crushed Oreos and cotton candy burritos filled with ice cream. Just remember to brush and floss after enjoying these delightful treats.

8. Mrs. Curl

Residents of Greenwood eagerly await the seasonal reopening of this delightful walk-up ice cream spot. After enduring a long winter without their beloved Blackberry Razzle or Peach Mrs. Sippy, customers joyfully queue up for a taste of the creamy soft serve delights. What sets this place apart is the mesmerizing addition of Flavor Burst—a delectable syrup that bursts out of the ice cream machine—creating vibrant streaks on their twisted cones. Whether you opt for a refreshing green apple stripe on smooth vanilla or a tantalizing shot of Banana Ripple on decadent chocolate, the resulting pin-striped cone is a visual delight almost too pretty to devour.