Hoosiers at inauguration watch party express hope after viewing

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — People at an inauguration watch party Wednesday at Center Point Brewing said they are feeling hopeful after watching the ceremony with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

With cold beers in hand and a dog named Barley, one group of people at the brewery could have argued they had some of the best seats to view the inauguration in the city. Their eyes were glued to the television screens. Their ears hung on to every word. Kelley Romweber and her family also were touched by a poem read during the ceremony.

“She spoke so much on giving that generation the world that they deserve. I feel really hopeful now and very passionate about this next step,” Romweber said inside the brewery in the Circle City Industrial Complex on the near-east side.

Becky Malkemes wore her pearls and Chucks — the nickname for a Converse shoe style called Chuck Taylor that’s favored by Harris — to work in support of the vice president.

“It was a hundred years ago women got the opportunity to go and vote and have our voices heard. This is a huge thing for women everywhere, especially African American women,” Malkemes said.

Richard Smith left with a feeling of hope being restored to the nation.

“I’m looking forward to some stability and some better understanding of governance that should have been in place,” Smith said.

Romweber left with a more positive outlook for the future that’s why she felt it was important to witness the moment with her kids. She hopes this new chapter means change is coming.

“It’s such an important time to make those changes. Changes in the way we treat one another, health care, and democracy. I think we heard that today. I could go down a long list of things for the next generation for them to have hope. They’re our leaders four years from now, so I’m hopeful for them,” Romweber said.