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Indiana Grown: Woven and Wool

Indiana Grown: Woven and Wool

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every Saturday, WISH-TV highlights a local company together with our partners at Indiana Grown.

This week, Megan Campbell with Woven and Wool joined News 8 at Weekend Daybreak.

Based in southern Indiana near Louisville, Woven and Wool creates D.I.Y. embroidery kits, embroidered accessories, and other handmade accessories.

Campbell shares with Daybreak her history of learning embroidery, and how the business started as a result of “corporate burnout.”

“It was born out of corporate burnout after I graduated from Purdue with a bachelor’s in textile design. I entered the corporate world, and I was very, very stressed and tired, and my husband remembered that embroidery was a lifelong passion of mine and really helped me. So, I started creating again,” she said.

She says after picking embroidery up again, her friends wanted to do it but said they couldn’t, leading Campbell to create the D.I.Y. kits. “It kind of blossomed into the business it is today,” she said.

Campbell also shares how life is working with her husband, who left his job in 2022 to help run Woven and Wool. She also leaves advice for people who might say, “I can’t do embroidery.”

She said, “You can absolutely do that. These kits are made so that you could have never stitched a day in your life – you could pick it up and just go for it.”

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