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Indiana University Health opens monkeypox testing facility downtown

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Monday Indiana University Health opened a bio-secure lab that will be provide testing and faster results for monkeypox cases, according to a news release from Indiana University Health.

In less than two months, scientist and technicians created the testing space at IU Health Pathology Laboratory in downtown Indianapolis. IU Health’s lab will be the primary testing site for any suspected monkeypox cases in Indiana.

The lab helps scientist to safely deactivate the virus in incoming samples and test them for the presence of the monkeypox virus. As of now, current test capacity is 500 samples a day and can grow with demand.

Monkeypox cases usually begin with fever, headaches, chills, and body aches from five to 21 days after exposure. Within one to three days after symptoms begin, the patient develops a rash. The illness lasts from two to four weeks. Patients are considered infectious until all scabs from the rash have fallen off.

“Our ability to develop this test is testament to the expertise of Dr. Ryan Relich, our virologist and molecular pathology medical director, and his team. To launch our test locally means patients throughout Indiana do not have to wait an extended time for their important test results, Clark Day, vice president of the IU Health Laboratory System, said.

With onsite testing, results can come at a faster time. Previously it would take 8 to 14 days but with testing, it only takes 24-48 hours, according to a news release from IU Health.