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Indy artist creates work to support businesses

Artist creates piece to help local businesses

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local artist has created a piece of artwork that resembles the unprecedented times and is giving back a portion of the profits to local artists and businesses. 

Local artist Sarah Mattingly says the “hope” continued to come to her while working in the art studio.

The print is $20. You can either get the digital copy sent to you and print it yourself or Mattingly can print a copy for you and mail it.

The local artist teaches art classes to children and adults in her studio near Meridian Hills. She says this is really a time to give back.

There’s a hashtag going around called “Indy Keeps Creating.” It’s an emergency relief fund foundation that is giving back to all venues, Indy arts and cultural events that had to be canceled because of COVID-19. The foundation is bridging the gap for lost wages for those workers and getting rapid grants to give back to those people.

Then money left over goes to the event for the rescheduled date.

“I want this to go someplace special in their home that when they look back on this time that they look up and think that hope is really what got them through,” she said. “It’s just going to be a special piece that they remember this time when they were all in their home.”

Mattingly holds art classes daily for children and lots of birthday parties on the weekends. They’re all canceled at this time. She’s sending kits to her students to do projects at home and posting classes on the studio’s Youtube channel.

Mattingly brings in about $5,000 a month from her studio which has been closed for weeks now and will be through the entire month of April.

To purchase the print, click here.