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Indy-based physician turned whiskey maker launches ‘adventurous’ new whiskey

Fortune’s Fool launching new whiskey, “The Overture”

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis-based whiskey maker is working to build her business in the Circle City with the launch of her newest whiskey.

Dr. Juliet Schmalz is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Fortune’s Fool, a fine whiskey maker with goods available across Indiana. She joined News 8 at Daybreak to discuss her passion and their newest spirit’s recent launch.

In recent years, Schmalz left behind a career as a physician to pursue her passion for whiskey.

“I created Fortune’s Fool out of a need for me to change gears mid-career,” she told News 8. “I’ve always had a passion for whiskey, and I wanted to bring a really high-end premium whiskey to central Indiana. I learned as much as I could about the industry, created my own product, and here we are.”

Schmalz had the vision for Fortune’s Fool in 2017, the business starting soon after in 2018. The first product release was in October 2023.

Earlier in May, Schmalz released a rye whiskey called The Overture, which includes notes of vanilla, berry, honey, and oak.

“I put all of my whiskey in the highest rated barrel that you can get on the market and that helps bring more complexity and more full flavor, better mouth feel to the product at a younger age,” explained Schmalz.

She says they have a new bourbon that will be released in the fall, and hopes to add tequila to their list by the end of the year.

Fortune’s Fool can be purchased at Crown Liquors and Big Red Liquors in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Watch the full video above to learn more.