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Indy DPW installs ‘No Turn on Red’ signs downtown

No Turn on Red sign installation at Penn and Ohio (WISH Photo/Reece Lindquist)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Department of Public Works crews are installing “No Turn on Red” signs downtown on Thursday.

The installation comes after General Ordinance No. 27 passed in June, a Wednesday DPW press release said.

“This is an overall traffic safety issue that we are seeing,” Indianapolis City-County Council member Zach Adamson said just before the proposal passed. “We are seeing people driving at high rates of speed, we are seeing people blow through stops signs and red lights and a lot of these things are resulting in not just injuries to people crossing the streets, but also injury to people driving their cars, and enormous amounts of personal and public property damage.”

Prior to the ordinance, right turns on red were already prohibited at several intersections in the Mile Square. The ordinance bans all right turns on red in the same area.