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Kansas City man, Army vet walking across America in honor of people suffering from PTSD

Vet walking to raise PTSD awareness

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – At 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Steve Meyers was fueling up with a hot breakfast at Oasis Diner, preparing to walk the 18 miles into downtown Indianapolis.

While 18 miles may seem like a lot, it’s a fraction of the 6,000 miles this retired U.S. Army solider and veteran plans to walk this year.

His goal is to raise the awareness of and help those suffering in silence from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“I don’t really get lonely, while I’m walking, I think about the stories people tell me along the way,” said Meyers.

Meyers’ trek will take him across 20 states. Indiana was the third stop on his journey, which he’s calling the PTSD Walk.

“I’m loving Indianapolis so far, I’ll have the whole day to take it all in,” Meyers said.

Meyers is heading to Cincinnati after Indianapolis but asks Hoosiers to be on the look out for the man with a red jacket, orange backpack and two walking sticks.

“I love it when people honk! It makes me think they’re telling me, ‘hey, nice calves!,’” he said jokingly.