Mom suing health center after boy was reporedly placed in choke hold

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) — A mother from Clark County filed a lawsuit against Columbus Hospital LLC. The lawsuit states that the company’s Columbus Behavioral Center held her son in a choke hold.

According to 24-Hour News 8’s partners at the Columbus Republic, Cynthia Wall said her 9-year-old son was a patient at the center from October to February and while he was in their care the staff members used physical force that was not warranted.

Wall’s attorney, Anna K. Murray, said they have obtained video footage of the boy being placed in a choke hold.

A out-of-court settlement was attempted but unsuccessful, Murray said.

Murphy said in the video a staff member can be seen picking up the boy and carrying him into the corner of the room. The boy said the staff member beat his head into a wall several times.

According to the lawsuit, the boy had bruises on his head, chest, arm and neck.

The Republic said the boy is now receiving therapy from individuals who came to his school for his treatment.

The law firm, Hall, Render, Killian Health and Lyman PC did not return calls about the lawsuit. Columbus Behavioral Center did not return phone calls for comment either.