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All Aboard the Nickel Plate Express Railbikes Adventure

No matter how many ways you have crossed the White River, we’re certain you’ve never done it like this. Book your ride at (Photo by Anna Mitchell/The Reporter)

(THE REPORTER) — Today, Nickel Plate Express (NPX) introduces railbikes.

The railbikes hold up to four passengers, but solo riders can hit the rails as well. Shipped from Pennsylvania, the bikes are American made and weigh a total of 260 pounds, but passengers can peddle down the tracks with ease.

NPX Executive Director Emily Reynolds, said the railbikes complement the Nickel Plate Express train program.

“We can get people outdoors and physically active and do something totally different and unique,” Reynolds said. “Nobody in Indiana is currently offering one.”

The bikes have both baskets for purses and cupholders for water bottles, making them user-friendly. They are equipped with multiple safety features including seatbelts, brakes, and bumpers. The seats slide back and forth to accommodate for a rider’s height, and staff can even turn the seats around when the bike needs to go the opposite direction on the tracks.

NPX offers two railbike rides: the “Forest Park Rail Adventure,” which is an eight-mile ride that takes around two hours to complete, and the “White River Family Cruise,” which is a shorter ride and takes about an hour and a half. Both provide beautiful scenery throughout Hamilton County and its sights.

Reynolds said the “White River Family Cruise” is perfect for families with small children because it starts off downhill, only takes 15 to 20 minutes to ride, and includes a 45-minute break in between.

“We’ll let passengers get off, enjoy downtown Noblesville, grab an ice cream cone or a beer from Syd’s, or whatever it is that makes your heart happy,” Reynolds said. “And then we’ll pedal back 45 minutes later.”

Reynolds and her staff tested the bikes last fall and received training for them on the weekend of May 18. They have made sure that the road crossings in the “Forest Park Rail Adventure” are safely conducted, and that all other safety features on the bikes are functioning.

Tickets are available online at Although NPX can take walk-ins, they recommend buying tickets online to guarantee a spot on the ride at the desired time. Rides are being offered all summer long.

What is a railbike?

Like a train, a railbike is a vehicle lined up on train tracks. Like a bicycle, it has pedals. Four people can take their seats and pedal together along the tracks.