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Remembering FedEx shooting victim Amarjit Sekhon, ‘pillar’ of her family

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Amarjit Sekhon was working at FedEx to help provide for her family, as her husband is partially disabled. She lived a quiet life surrounded by family and life at the temple.  

There are only a handful of pictures of her. Her husband, Palwinder Singh Sekhon, spoke to News 8 through an interrupter and his eyes told the entire story.  

The family is remorseful and “he can’t put it in to words, just very sad about what has happened.”

KP Singh, an artist and community leader, said the community needs peace and strength.

“Keep the families that are here alert about possibilities of dangers, possibilities of protecting one another. Have a network of people that you can reach immediately because [there are] elderly parents at home that do not speak enough English, so it is our job to create that enormous network of people. That is critical,” Singh said.

Palwinder Singh Sekhon has his three brothers and immediate family to support him during these difficult times. His wife was the pillar of the household; she protected her family from the pressures of everyday life. Now, her family must find a way forward without her.  

“She was [the] support structure. The family really doesn’t know how to act without the pillar of the house. She raised beautiful sons with the help of her husband, now they really don’t know what’s next for the family,” Palwinder Singh Sekhon said through an interpreter.