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Stuck indoors, ‘inexperienced’ man tries out for Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Get this man a uniform, please.

A video posted to YouTube by an Indianapolis man is cracking people up.

“Andrew M.” says he kept getting ads on Facebook to submit a virtual audition to join the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading team.

“I figured why not give it a shot,” Andrew said. “It turns out this level of dance is much more difficult than it looks. I was able to keep up with the choreo in half speed, but when it sped up for the actual music I got hosed.”

Andrew’s video shows his audition side-by-side next to professional cheerleader Lexi Costa.

He says he had just four hours to practice the choreography before submitting his video on Sunday.

Andrew, who describes himself as “inexperienced,” says his body is sore all over as a result.