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The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis adds new exhibit based on Disney movie ‘Inside Out’

Children’s Museum debuts exhibit on emotions

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new exhibit at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis hopes to help visitors understand the importance of expressing one’s feelings.

It’s called ‘Emotions at Play,’ and features the five core emotions from Disney Pixar’s ‘Inside Out.’ The display opened on Saturday.

The exhibition was originally developed by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in collaboration with Disney and Pixar.

Exhibit Developer Stephanie Eddleman says it’s a great exhibit for all ages.

“This exhibit is really about helping kids learn to recognize emotions in themselves, how to recognize emotions in others, and then how to help kind of regulate those emotions or learn to deal with those strong emotions,” Eddleman said. “We’re so excited because it really promotes those social-emotional skills that we know are so important for young children and adults to learn a little bit more about.

Visitors can learn more about the feelings of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger, which are also characters in the movie.

The exhibit has hands-on and digital activities for all ages to explore their emotions and imagination, while learning how they play into making memories.

Eddleman says her favorite activity is called “The Control Panel,” which revolves around sound.

“It really looks at how music can affect our emotions,” Eddleman said. “How music can make us feel different things. So, kids can press buttons and levers and they really get to experiment with different types of music, if it’s happy, if it’s sad, and how that makes them feel.”

The exhibit runs until May 19, and is included with the price of admission.

Those interested in purchasing tickets to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis can buy them on the museum’s official website.