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The Garage Food Hall nominated ‘Best Food Hall in the Country’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Garage Food Hall has been nominated by USA Today for the “Best Food Hall in the Country.”

Catherine Haynes, the assistant general manager of The Garage, could not be more ecstatic about the Garage’s nomination. “We opened in January of 2021, so we are just over two years old.”

The Garage Food Hall has gained quite a bit of recognition in the short time they have been open. Haynes added when asked what sets them apart from other food halls in the country, that they “vet the best of the best.”

Haynes praised the quality of each restaurant they have, saying, “We do taste tests if it’s a food concept, we make sure there is nothing like in the food hall, so there’s no direct competition.”

Eric Davis, a customer at The Garage Food Hall, would second that there are no restaurants that mirror one another, which is why he believes so many people come to dine at the food hall. “You can pretty much travel the world in one place,” said Davis, referring to the variety of different foods including Brazilian, Greek, and Spanish dishes.

Asked about the future of the food hall and the direction it is heading, Haynes said, “We are constantly evolving and getting new options; we are not staying the same for too long.”

People can vote once daily for The Garage Food Hall on the poll.