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Tips for keeping your air conditioning running during heat wave

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For the first time this year, Hoosiers are faced with grueling heat.

“Your clothes stick to you because it’s so humid out here,” Christopher Routh, in Indianapolis, said.

“You just got to dress accordingly and anticipate being wet the entire day,” Timothy Caposio, an Indianapolis resident, said.

To help stay cool, there are several ways to keep air conditioners running efficiently. That includes, maintaining a constant temperature and bumping the thermostat up a few degrees to take the pressure off the cooling system.

According to Peterman Brothers, another tip is to keep curtains and blinds closed in order to reduce the heat and lessen the need for the air conditioning to continue running. Also, make sure to change your HVAC filter. A poorly maintained HVAC unit will be less efficient and cost the owner more money.

If the filters aren’t changed and the mechanical units are having issues, it could cause the system to work harder.