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Tips to avoid sneezes and scratchy throats this allergy season

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Experts say allergens are in the air and the pollen and mold is increasing. 

Dr. Janelle Potetz is a clinical associate professor in the College of Health and Human Sciences for Purdue University.

Potetz says the intensity of allergy symptoms depends on what pollen is in the air at that time, ranging from trees, flowers, and grasses.

“To prevent or lesson the effects of seasonal allergies can be a little tricky because we would need to avoid the allergens,” explained Potetz.

If a person is allergic to a pollen that is only present for a week or so, their symptoms may only last a week. If a person is allergic to grass that is present throughout the spring, summer, and fall, they are likely to experience those symptoms during each season.

“Allergies do not cause fever or general body aches where cold and flu may,” Potetz said.

To help fight your allergies, Potetz recommended over-the-counter products based on symptoms and cautions patients to always check with a primary care provider or pharmacist to make sure a medication is safe.