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Water main break floods sidewalks, cars partially submerged due to maintenance issue

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A water main break in Indianapolis has flooded streets and left cars partially submerged.

Since Wednesday morning, crews have been trying to fix the problem. The amount of water was overwhelming. It looked like what you’d expect to see in the aftermath of a destructive rainstorm. Much of the water in the area was knee deep.

Some residents say this has raised some major concerns.

“It always floods over there and usually you can just drive through it because it’s not that bad, but this is the worst it’s ever been,” Missie Lopez, a resident who lives nearby, said.

Streets and sidewalks were covered with water, and cars are partially submerged.

According to Citizens Energy Group, the water main break began early Wednesday morning because of a maintenance issue. Throughout the day, crews at East 25th street between Keystone Avenue and Wheeler Street were trying to figure what exactly caused it.

“Once they get the valves closed right around this specific break, apart from that specific block, everybody is back to normal, except for that one specific area where the break exists,” Benjamin Easley, a spokesperson for Citizens Energy Group, said.

Lopez says she and her family have been without water due to the flooding.

“Well, we can’t use the bathroom and we can’t get water. Luckily, we’ve got bottled water,” Lopez said. “Hopefully, we keep power.”

Easley says some residents living close to the flooding are facing this issue, but they’re working to fix it.

“Our claims management team has been on site working to make contact with people who may have been impacted, and obviously, it’s going to be different for individual people, whether it’s a car or a piece of property that may have been impacted,” Easley said.

Citizens Energy Group says its crews will be working to restore this area by the end of the day.