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Woman works to raise suicide awareness with her business

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis woman and former Butler University student started a business shortly after she tried to take her own life in college. 

Kennedy Harris said she didn’t think she would live to tell her own story, let alone help people in the process. Now her business called “Live Inspired” is reaching people all over the world. Harris said during her sophomore year at Butler she hit an extremely low point. Fortunately, a group of friends found her at the right time and she was able to get the help she needed. 

She started writing down her agenda in a weekly planner, she said it helped her to feel less anxious. “My everyday life in college was surrounded by an hourly layout and just setting goals for myself and writing them down and accomplishing them,” said Harris. 

Live Inspired Planners

It didn’t take time for her friends to notice the colorful pages and beautiful handwriting. Soon, Harris was making planners for them too. 

At the time she was the president for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on Butler’s campus. She decided she would use her hobby to help raise money for the organization. 

“Two seconds later, I was googling how to start a business and so that’s kind of how it started. And just in my free time, I hand drew the planner and found a company to help produce it and within four days, they sold out and I found myself making more,” she said. 

In her first year of business, the planners sold in 45 states, now in year two, they’re all over the world. The entire planner is drawn and designed by Harris. Each page also includes an inspiring handwritten message. 

She is still donating 20% of each planner sold to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Her goal is to eventually make this her full-time job. 

To learn more about the business and to purchase a planner, click here.