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Local, state leaders launching program to help keep students safe

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – As districts across Indiana continue to head back-to-school, local and state leaders are launching a program to help keep students safe. The “Mobile Education Program” will target high school and college students in Indiana.

The program is all about using technology. Some teens and young adults are familiar with it. The program helps support and protect them in an emergency situation.

The “Mobile Education Program” will teach students how to recognize and avoid life-threatening situations like alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, even sexual assault. Then through pictures and messages, the program will show them how they can send a text to report the crime or situation while under the protection of Indiana’s lifeline law.

On Sunday, 24-Hour News 8 spoke to one man who is struggling to get into the military after being arrested for underage drinking while in high school. Indiana lawmakers want this program to stop situations like that from happening.

“I can’t go through with anything until that’s completely cleared up. So I’m really powerless right now and it’s really unfortunate because it was one night,” Brandon Hardcastle said.

This campaign also encourages high school and college students to use social media to tell stories about how they handled an emergency well using hash tags #makinggooddecisions and #INlifeline law.

A press conference is scheduled for Monday morning at 11:30 a.m.