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Man arrested for plotting to kill, rape and eat young girl

SHELBY COUNTY, Texas (WFLA) – A disturbing post on the dark web landed a Texas man behind bars this week.

Alexander Barter, 21, was arrested Friday after authorities foiled what they describe as a plot to kill and eat a young girl. 

Detectives say Barter wrote a post on the dark web seeking a young girl to kill and eat. He gave two email addresses, which were encrypted, and was contacted by an undercover detective with the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

The agent told Barter he could help him fulfill his necrophiliac and cannibalistic desires.

Barter reportedly replied saying, “Nice! I’m in East Texas. How old is your daughter? Can we kill her?”

Barter instructed the agent to drop his daughter off at a hotel, then report her missing to police. 

Authorities said Barter arrived at the hotel carrying a plastic trash bag and a knife. He was arrested at the scene and later confessed to his plans to rape, kill and cannibalize a minor. 

Barter is facing charges including attempted capital murder and attempted sexual performance of a child. He remains at the Shelby County Jail.