Hospital to host webinar series focused on childhood trauma

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Franciscan Health will host a series of webinars addressing childhood trauma. The webinars are geared towards parents/caregivers and will offer strategies on how to support children during these troubling times.

The nine-part series, Childhood Trauma and Back-To-School Event Series, will address both childhood experiences and community events as well as the uncertainties surrounding the new school year–all of which are health concerns voiced by the community.  

“The focus of childhood trauma is really around childhood experiences and adverse community events,” Kate Hill-Johnson, director of Community Health Improvement for Franciscan Health, told News 8. “We’re talking about abuse, neglect and household dysfunction including domestic violence, mental illness and incarceration. Adverse community events are things like bullying, violence and discrimination.”

The upcoming school year will also present it’s own set of challenges and Johnson hopes the webinars will help parents teach their children how to adjust and stay mentally strong.  

“Schools are a really big topic right now and we’ll be covering things like how to keep kids resilient. It’s not about ‘what do we do if a child has COVID-19?’, but how do we teach kids how to bounce back? How do we teach kids to balance the positive and negative?” 

The first webinar is slated for Thursday, July 23. The events are free, open to the public and accessible from any electronic device. For more information about the Childhood Trauma and Back-to-School Event Series, click here