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Men posing as street department workers scam 80-year-old woman

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Mima West just got back from the grocery store when suddenly four men in a gray pick-up truck pulled up to her house.

The four claimed they worked for Marion County’s street department. Before West could ask them any follow-up questions they started scribbling on her driveway.

West confronted the four, that’s when one flashed a blank piece of a paper and told West they would need her signature.

During that discussion one of the suspects slipped by and walked inside West’s home and took her purse and credit cards.

The men then left.

West realized that night the men took her cash and credit cards inside her purse. She called police, and started the tedious process of canceling her credit cards.

Less than an hour later, the unknown men tried to use West’s credit cards at Wal-Mart on Lafayette Road.

Police were not able to make an arrest, but investigators are hoping to pull more information from the suspects gleamed from possible surveillance video at the store.

There are reports the men tried to target another woman on Weber street, but then she told the men to go away.

West told 24-Hour News 8 this latest incident has her on alert.

“I was up all night, I never slept all night, I canceled the cards, that was traumatic too,” said West.

Call Crime Stoppers if you have any information on the suspects in this investigation. You can start by calling Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS, or 262-8477.

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