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Millennials continue to cut the cable cord

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) — A new survey says more young adults are cutting the cable cord. They’re still watching TV, but not in the traditional ways.

The Nielsen survey said millennial viewers, ages 18-34, dropped 10.6% from September to January. That’s double what researchers have been seeing from season-to-season before.

That means millennials are cancelling cable, throwing out the bunny ears, and using different services to watch TV.

Cost seems to be a driving issue. Cable can run about 65-dollars a month on average, which adds up to nearly 800-dollars a year. For that, viewers could subscribe to several on-demand streaming services and still have hundreds left over.

Cable alternatives include Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, and HBO GO, just to name a few. These streaming media services can be watched on your home television set with the help of a device, and easily be pulled up on computers, tablets, and cell phones.

Some say the issue with these alternative services is that they are difficult to integrate, but supporters say that process is improving.

Cable loyalists say they can’t give up the ease of turning on live TV, especially when it comes to sporting events. Sports are hard to find on non-traditional mediums and are often the reason most people stick to cable.