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Money, guns, shrimp missing after smash-and-grabs

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Police are investigating smash-and-grab burglaries at two restaurants within blocks of each other.

One victim told police the thief or thieves stole his guns overnight. 

Kerry Austin, the owner of The Shrimp Hut near West 38th Street and North High School Road said he found a large window shattered when he got to work Friday morning. He said whoever broke in raided the register and stole his safe and his .22 caliber and 9 mm handguns. 

He replaced the window with a blue tarp for now. 

Austin said, “There’s plenty of jobs out there. If they needed something, I’m sure there’s churches and places that would love to help.” 

The Shrimp Hut owner said his safe is so heavy he doesn’t believe someone could steal it alone. He said the break-in must have happened sometime after he left around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. 

“We’re missing a lot of shrimp and some other things now,” Austin said. “I’m having the guys try to take inventory and try to see what’s all gone.”

The staff at Taqueria El Maguey said someone also smashed their window overnight, raided the register and stole a safe. The restaurant southwest of East 38th and Moller Road is less than a quarter mile from Shrimp Hut down High School Road. Cyntya Buano said the restaurant was closed and empty. It reopened Thursday. 

“Other times, there are people in here. So, I am the cashier right now and I’m nervous it could happen when I’m here,” Buano said. 

According to Austin, someone fired a gun at the Shrimp Hut a few months back. He said this was the first time he’s dealt with a break-in. 

He opened up a few hours late Thursday. He said he does not know what the thief or thieves used to break the glass. 

“I hope, whatever they need money for, I’m just glad they didn’t hurt anyone,” Austin said. 

An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson said he was looking into whether the two burglaries are related. 

Both business owners said they have security cameras and were working on accessing the video to take a look at what they captured. 

This version corrects the location of The Shrimp Hut. 

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